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Thank you for praying for the French Mission Trip

Valerie Webster Sandquist
Valerie Webster Sandquist in France


We want to thank you all for praying for our daughter Valerie and the group from Calvary Christian School that she helped lead on a mission team to France.  We praise the Lord that her health held up during the trip.  Mike had the privilege of driving a portion of the group home from the airport in Charlotte upon their return.  What a blessing it was to hear of the Lord’s working in and through these young people.

Deputation Decisions

The Ouellette Family
The Ouellette Family

It has been such a blessing to see the excitement with which the church has received the Ouellette family.  Simon became the pastor of the church on April 1st.  Their love for the people is obvious.  This atmosphere of love and concern was a big factor in the decision to make Québec City our base for deputation, at least for now.  It would be too much strain on Catherine to travel with us but we know that in our church here, she is well surrounded by many who understand the situation and who are willing to help during our absences.  We also feel that it is still a good idea for her to keep close proximity to the Montreal Neurological Institute.  She is relatively stable, but is still not fully functional in many ways.  Some of the decisions that we have had to make concerning logistics, etc. have at times seemed truly daunting.  Thank you for your prayers.  God is in control!

Speaking the Truth in Love

quebec-mapThough it may be unpopular today to proclaim absolute truth, those who love God and people will not refrain from doing so! Stephen’s sermon in Acts 7 reveals his love for God’s Word. He either alludes to or quotes from the Old Testament nonstop. He does not hesitate to make clear, direct application of the Scripture (verse 51) that upsets his hearers. Was this due to insensitivity on his part? Verse 60 seems to indicate the contrary. He spoke the truth to them because he loved them!

As we gradually move into full-time deputation we ask you to pray that God would send us to just the right churches to partner with us in “speaking the truth in love” in French-speaking Québec!

“But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, [even] Christ:” (Eph 4:15 AV)

Merry Christmas!

The Christmas Season marks an end to our two-month deputation/furlough.  God has been so good to allow meetings in supporting churches, new churches, and time with individual supporters.  Financially, this is not the best time for churches across the country, so new support may be minimal.  However, the trip has been immensely profitable for us spiritually and physically and new prayer supporters have been recruited.  Each time we have seen our own DVD Ministry Presentation, we have felt called to Québec all over again!  We are anxious now to get back to the work!

Mike and Melanie in San Francisco
Mike and Melanie in San Francisco