Itinerary Late fall early winter

We are working on a short itinerary in the USA tentatively for the end of November and into the early New Year. Let us know if you would like to see us or have us for a service and we will do our best to make it work. We would love to see as many of you as possible during this short deputation/furlough trip.

Good Friday Evangelistic Service

In March, Mike had the privilege of preaching for a Good Friday evangelistic service with sister churches in the Paris area. It was a great time with many present and fellowship with several pastors and believers that we hadn’t seen since Covid.

Update October 2021

All the children, their spouses, and 10 grandchildren. Florida, July 2021

As you know, shortly after Mike’s second operation, his father passed away, necessitating a trip to the States.  We thank you so much for praying for us through that time.  Many of you sent condolences and we want you to know how encouraging that was.

College Park Baptist Church, Reidsville, North Carolina,July 2021

We were able to touch base with a number of friends, pastors, extended family,  and preach or give a report in a few churches.  It was wonderful to be able to spend July 4th with all of our children, their spouses, and our 10 grandchildren.  God is good, all the time!

We’ve been back in France since the end of July.  Several of you have asked for news since then and a few have specifically requested a video. Those on our mailing list have received it. If you would like the link, we’d be glad to send it to you!

Why did Jesus come?

Zoom recording of our 12/20/2020 Christmas message. Why did Jesus come? An answer is found in Luke 19.10 and is fully illustrated by His encounter with Zacchaeus. “for the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost.”” (Luc 19.10, NKJV)

Africa 2020

A door has opened for Mike to accompany fellow IFMmissionaries Sparky and Myndii Clancy to the Democratic Republic of the Congo in February. He would be helping to train and encourage pastors by preaching and teaching in French in several churches and a Bible Institute. Would you pray for God’s provision? This would also help him to better identify with the many Africans with whom we have regular contact here in Rouen and in our church.


Musical Ministry

All four of our children are musicians. Not so much for either of us. Yet, we had the joy of encouraging musical development in our churches in Québec and have long considered this an important part of our ministry. You can imagine how thankful we were when Melanie was invited to join the board of a musical ministry founded by fellow missionary Kristi Colas. Ecclémusica exists to help biblical Gospel-preaching churches in fulfilling their mission of corporate worship and evangelism. They help by providing music workshops, camps, pertinent theological training, multi-church concerts and a music library of scores in French. They have also done recordings of Bible stories in French for the evangelism of Europe, Africa, and beyond.

It was a joy to participate in this year’s multi-generational music camp held in the Alps. The theme was Passing the Torch or how to help parents encourage their children in the area of musical ministry in the local church. Two families from our church attended and one of our own men, Stéphane, brought the evening Bible studies. One tangible result is that two of our young people will participate for the first time in an instrumental quartet for the Christmas program this year.

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