Update on Catherine from Melanie February 25th

The Dr. changed her mind about the EEG tomorrow. Instead, she wants to admit Catherine to the hospital and run a battery of tests during the next week. I check her in tomorrow, Friday, at 10 am. Thank you for your prayers. She is still quite exhausted. Any little activity wears her out very fast.

Update on Catherine from Melanie February 24th

Cath, Michael and I saw Dr. Frederick Andermann on Monday. He knows his stuff. He sent us to his wife who specializes in genetics and epilepsy because he said it is evident that there is a familial link. His wife wants to do DNA testing on all of us. So, Cath and I had blood work on Tuesday, and a long talk with Dr. Eva Andermann. Today, I had a sleep deprived EEG (i.e. you sleep very little the night before, so that at the hospital they can hook you up to the machine and then you sleep and they can see what goes on during your sleep.) Catherine has one on Friday. We also have put in requests for MRIs for me and Cath. Don’t know when those will happen. The secretary said it could take up to 6 months before we hear from the MRI department. Also on Friday, Cath and I will be meeting with Dr. Eva again. Will let you know more then. Thank you for your prayers!

Other piece of news, Dr. Frederick A. is going to send his conclusions to Dr. John McBurnney the neurologist from SC. Maybe all of this will help Val as well.


Good news!  Catherine now has an appointment at the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital on Monday, February 22.  The current plan is for Melanie and Stephanie to drive straight there from the Carolina’s before coming home.  Montréal is a three-hour drive from our home here in Québec City.

Merry Christmas!

The Christmas Season marks an end to our two-month deputation/furlough.  God has been so good to allow meetings in supporting churches, new churches, and time with individual supporters.  Financially, this is not the best time for churches across the country, so new support may be minimal.  However, the trip has been immensely profitable for us spiritually and physically and new prayer supporters have been recruited.  Each time we have seen our own DVD Ministry Presentation, we have felt called to Québec all over again!  We are anxious now to get back to the work!

Mike and Melanie in San Francisco
Mike and Melanie in San Francisco

Happy Thanksgiving!

Melanie and I wanted to wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We will be blessed to celebrate a U.S. Thanksgiving with Melanie?s side of the family here in California.  Our children will celebrate with the Webster side of the family in North Carolina.  God has been so faithful to our whole family through another year.  He has kept His promises to provide spiritually, physically, and financially.  He has done so in regards to the work in Québec, and he has done so for our three children who are currently in Christian University.  Humanly speaking, these are difficult days for the missionary seeking financial support.  However, we know that God pays for what he orders (1Thess 5.24)!

We are just about halfway through our deputation/furlough trip.  There is no way to describe how profitable it has been thus far.  We have had meetings in new churches, spent quality time with individual supporters, attended several conferences, and have had great time with family here in California that we often do not see.  And yes, there has also been ample time for “pull back”.  We have seen some incredible scenery, enjoyed beautiful Southern California weather, and been able to catch up on edifying and challenging reading.

The trek back East begins the weekend after Thanksgiving with a meeting at Trinity Baptist in Bullhead City, Arizona.  We will gradually make our way back to the Carolinas.  There we hope to be present for the birth of our third grandchild, then spend Christmas with kids, grand kids, and Mike?s side of the family before heading back to Québec before New Year’s.

None of this would be possible without the ministry of our coworkers, John and Judy Garris, who have faithfully continued in our place in Quebec City.  Do continue to pray for them and the work.  God is doing some good things and we are greatly encouraged.  Remember to pray for Placide Savard, his son Jeremie, as well as Dave Martin who are helping with the preaching and teaching. We’d ask you to pray especially for Judy Garris as her father passed away just the other day in Michigan.  She was able to be present in the days before and will remain in Michigan until just before Thanksgiving.

Thank you all for your prayerful interest in our lives and ministry!

Available for Meetings

We still have some dates available for meetings in or near the Carolinas in December.  E-mail us or give us a call at 336-432-5763 if you would like to have us and we will do our best to work things out.

Webster Whereabouts

Our Deputation/Furlough trip for 2009 is about to begin!  Here is a Calendar for an idea of our general whereabouts through December.  If you would like to contact us about a meeting just send an e-mail.

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