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It’s Winter in Québec!

Some things didn’t get put up in time!

Sure enough, winter caught up with us!  But we are thankful to have arrived back home just in time to get up our snow garage.  And we did manage to get most of the bushes fully wrapped.  The leaves however, will have to wait until Spring.

We do not plan to change our tires since we will be headed to Southern California in just a month, and a week before Québec law requires winter tires.

You can see the bag of leaves in the front yard right where we left it the night before!

We will be renting a car for the 24th when Mike will be preaching in Sept-îles as we wouldn’t dare make that 8-hour trip in November without winter tires, and a rental will cost about the same as installing and uninstalling would.   Do pray for our ministry there!

Deputation Projects

Working on the presentation!
Working on the presentation!

After over two weeks of 12-hour days at the computer (minus Sundays), we finally have a first edition of a new video presentation of the work! Now we are excited about using it in churches. Our next trip is a short one but will take us to NC, SC, WV, and PA.

In 2007, since we still had only a slide projector, a young missionary who was here with his family to study French put our first video together for us. We have missed you Jesse Shanks!

Please continue to pray for our travels but also for other projects related to deputation.

California, here we come!

30th anniversary gifts from our folks.
30th anniversary gifts from our folks.

Lord willing, we will be leaving Quebec City on Monday for the airport in Boston, and a round trip flight to San Diego, CA for two weeks.  We are looking forward to time with Melanie’s family in Southern California and to much needed rest.  This will be our first real vacation since 2009.  We are thankful that Catherine’s health is currently stable enough to allow for this.  Thanks for your prayers!

Available for meetings

Mike plans to attend the “Breaking Chains Building Disciples Conference” at Bob Jones Seminary, November 8th thru the 10th and will be available for meetings until November 20th.  Do pray that God would open doors for him to present the ministry.

We’re back to the snow!

Websters Front Yard, April 1st 2011
Websters Front Yard, April 1st 2011

We arrived home late Thursday night from a three-week deputation furlough trip. We spoke/preached in four churches and one Christian school, spent quality time with Mike’s family in North Carolina, our three grandchildren in South Carolina, enjoyed wonderful fellowship at Mike’s 30-year BJU reunion and with the staff of IFM in Greensboro. The short encounter with springtime in the Southeast was refreshing but now we are back to the reality of the North. Do pray for us as we get settled back into a busy spring here in Québec City!

Webster Whereabouts

The Lord gave us a good annual business meeting yesterday afternoon.  At one point, we were almost overwhelmed when we realized that more members were present at that meeting than what total attendance often was when we first arrived here.  In fact, we received two new members yesterday morning.  Their testimonies were a blessing to all.

Our departure for the Carolinas was delayed due to an incredible snow storm that is only just now beginning to wane.  Lord willing we will depart within the hour.  The roads will still be snow covered but less snow is falling and the wind has subsided.  We would appreciate prayers for travel.  First stop, Reidsville, NC where Mike will be speaking Wednesday evening and we hope to spend quality time with his parents.  We plan to be back in Québec City by April 1st.  We will be able to check e-mail along the way.

Here’s a picture looking out across our back porch that I just took with the phone.

Back porch March 7, 2011
Back porch March 7, 2011

Available for Meetings

We plan  to be available for meetings from mid to late March 2011.  Let us know if you would like to have us and we will do our best to work it in to our schedule.  We are trying to put together a schedule around Mike’s 30-year class reunion at BJU during Bible Conference.  That’s right, 30 years!

Update on Catherine from Melanie February 24th

Cath, Michael and I saw Dr. Frederick Andermann on Monday. He knows his stuff. He sent us to his wife who specializes in genetics and epilepsy because he said it is evident that there is a familial link. His wife wants to do DNA testing on all of us. So, Cath and I had blood work on Tuesday, and a long talk with Dr. Eva Andermann. Today, I had a sleep deprived EEG (i.e. you sleep very little the night before, so that at the hospital they can hook you up to the machine and then you sleep and they can see what goes on during your sleep.) Catherine has one on Friday. We also have put in requests for MRIs for me and Cath. Don’t know when those will happen. The secretary said it could take up to 6 months before we hear from the MRI department. Also on Friday, Cath and I will be meeting with Dr. Eva again. Will let you know more then. Thank you for your prayers!

Other piece of news, Dr. Frederick A. is going to send his conclusions to Dr. John McBurnney the neurologist from SC. Maybe all of this will help Val as well.


Good news!  Catherine now has an appointment at the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital on Monday, February 22.  The current plan is for Melanie and Stephanie to drive straight there from the Carolina’s before coming home.  Montréal is a three-hour drive from our home here in Québec City.