It’s Winter in Québec!

Some things didn’t get put up in time!

Sure enough, winter caught up with us!  But we are thankful to have arrived back home just in time to get up our snow garage.  And we did manage to get most of the bushes fully wrapped.  The leaves however, will have to wait until Spring.

We do not plan to change our tires since we will be headed to Southern California in just a month, and a week before Québec law requires winter tires.

You can see the bag of leaves in the front yard right where we left it the night before!

We will be renting a car for the 24th when Mike will be preaching in Sept-îles as we wouldn’t dare make that 8-hour trip in November without winter tires, and a rental will cost about the same as installing and uninstalling would.   Do pray for our ministry there!