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Renovations 2019!

20190622_113730Our church is blessed to own a building.  Even before we arrived, plans were in the works to make it more functional.  With a growing number of teens, we’ve had to add Sunday School classes but finding room within the current configuration was a challenge.  Final plans were accepted by the congregation in March.  Our own folks began the work with several intense days of demolishing and trips to the dump which saved us at least 1000.00€.  Contractors are now continuing the work.  We are excited about the results. Two medium sized classrooms are beginning to stake shape along with a larger multifunctional room and a hallway.  More adequate insulation is being installed, more efficient lighting is going in next week; and we get new windows in the Fall!  Finishing work must wait until September, when our folks return from vacations.  Please pray for wisdom as we work through this one step at a time.  Pray especially for Alexis as he heads up the project.

Alexis hard at work.

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God Can!

Catherine's new piano

Catherine’s battle with Epilepsy over the last four years has made viable employment a difficult thing for her. One way she has sought to fill the gap was by offering beginner piano lessons to young people. When our 97-year-old upright became more and more impossible to tune, she approached me about shopping for a good used one. My prompt response was “we just can’t afford it” and I must admit that I sort of put the whole idea out of my mind. But Catherine started praying. Then, about a month later on a Saturday morning as she and Melanie were headed out the door, she said “I’ve saved a small amount and we have a couple of possibilities, pray for us as we go.” As it turned out, one of the leads was an older couple who happened to be believers, a rare thing in Québec. They had been touched by Catherine’s use of Philippians 4:13 in email correspondence. They offered the piano to her for much less than the small amount that she had saved saying “we know you will use it for the Lord”. Catherine has a new piano! God can meet our every need! Yes, He can!

Deputation Projects

Working on the presentation!
Working on the presentation!

After over two weeks of 12-hour days at the computer (minus Sundays), we finally have a first edition of a new video presentation of the work! Now we are excited about using it in churches. Our next trip is a short one but will take us to NC, SC, WV, and PA.

In 2007, since we still had only a slide projector, a young missionary who was here with his family to study French put our first video together for us. We have missed you Jesse Shanks!

Please continue to pray for our travels but also for other projects related to deputation.

Bonne Fête Québec!

Monday was Quebec’s patriotic holiday! This song has been accepted as the unofficial hymn of Québec. We are reminded of how much we love the people here and how thankful we are to be able to preach the Gospel here!  Thank you for your continued prayerful support!

Pray for a Mission Trip to France

Valerie Webster Sandquist,  with husband, Tom, and children, Erik, Karen, and Benjamin.
Valerie Webster Sandquist, with husband, Tom, and children, Erik, Karen, and Benjamin.

Tomorrow, our oldest daughter Valerie flies out of Charlotte with a group of students from Calvary Christian School in Greer, SC.  She and another teacher are leading this group on a mission trip to help missionaries Jared and Rebekah Stevenson for one week.  We ask you to pray that God might use this trip in the hearts of these young people for His glory.  We are so thankful that Valerie’s epilepsy has been under control for several months now.  We ask you to pray for her in a special way during this trip.  It is such a thrill for us as parents to see her and Tom giving of themselves to the Lord’s work!

California, here we come!

30th anniversary gifts from our folks.
30th anniversary gifts from our folks.

Lord willing, we will be leaving Quebec City on Monday for the airport in Boston, and a round trip flight to San Diego, CA for two weeks.  We are looking forward to time with Melanie’s family in Southern California and to much needed rest.  This will be our first real vacation since 2009.  We are thankful that Catherine’s health is currently stable enough to allow for this.  Thanks for your prayers!

Christmas 2012

Chateau FrontenacWe will be enjoying Christmas this year in Québec with Catherine.  Stephanie, Jérémie and Dérek will spend Christmas day with us.  On Sunday afternoon, December 23rd we will be hosting an activity at our home for our folks and contacts.

Tomorrow we make another round-trip to the specialist in Montreal for Catherine.  She has been doing much better!  She has a few jobs that are perfect for now like English language tutoring and piano lessons.  The other day she even landed a job helping a teacher in our church correct student’s exams!  These are direct answers to prayer!  Thank you!

Thanks for praying for the conference!

Things went really well with the conference, though we had fewer visitors than we’d hoped.  We had managed to distribute invitations in all the apartments around the church but no one came from that.  Still, the Lord was clearly with us and it was a blessing for all!