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Renovations 2019!

20190622_113730Our church is blessed to own a building.  Even before we arrived, plans were in the works to make it more functional.  With a growing number of teens, we’ve had to add Sunday School classes but finding room within the current configuration was a challenge.  Final plans were accepted by the congregation in March.  Our own folks began the work with several intense days of demolishing and trips to the dump which saved us at least 1000.00€.  Contractors are now continuing the work.  We are excited about the results. Two medium sized classrooms are beginning to stake shape along with a larger multifunctional room and a hallway.  More adequate insulation is being installed, more efficient lighting is going in next week; and we get new windows in the Fall!  Finishing work must wait until September, when our folks return from vacations.  Please pray for wisdom as we work through this one step at a time.  Pray especially for Alexis as he heads up the project.

Alexis hard at work.

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Work Projects 2011

Here’s a video walk through of work projects for this summer. We would appreciate your prayers for the first team from Oak Ridge Baptist in Tennessee which will arrive June 27th.

Project 2011 Eglise Baptiste d’Orsainville from Michael Webster on Vimeo.

Renovation Project 2010 Finally Done!

Yes, by about 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, September 4th, Renovation Project 2010 was finally done!  This was just in time for the official reopening of our auditorium on Sunday, the 5th.  It was a wonderful time with around 75 in attendance including several who do not know the Lord.  Please pray for one young woman in particular with whom we have had contact since May.  Pray that the contact will continue to develop.  Here is a video of the last few weeks culminating in the service on Sunday.

Eglise Baptiste d’Orsainville Projet 2010 (2) from Michael Webster on Vimeo.