Update on Catherine on Feb 27th

Friday, February 26th, Catherine was admitted to the Montreal Neurological Hospital to undergo a series of test.  She is hooked up to a telemetry machine and is being video monitored 24/7. The neurologist is also going to do two MRIs, a PET scan ( a special kind) and a magnetic encephalogramme.

She may be reached at:

Telephone– (514) 398-6644 ext 09238

Mail–Catherine Webster, Montreal Neurological Hospital, 3rd floor, room 338, 3801, University street, Montreal, Quebec, H3A 2B4

Melanie will also undergo some of these tests, namely the MRIs, the PET and the MEG, but on an outpatient basis.

Thank you for your prayers. We can see God’s hand in all of this.