French in Montana?

We saw only two cars in the motel parking lot in the small Eastern Montana town.  What a relief that was, since we’d driven all the way from Wisconsin that day and were in no mood to be turned away.  Through road weary eyes we noticed the familiar “Je me souviens” on one of the license plates.  They were from Québec!  As the clerk checked us in, a remark was made about the understandability of our English as compared to the other couple from Québec that had arrived earlier. With tongue in cheek we smiled, realizing that this could be a golden opportunity.  Someone this far from home and having difficulty communicating would surely welcome a discussion in their native language.  At least, that is what we had experienced in the past.  So we prayed.  At breakfast the next morning, there they were!  Mike surprised them by saying “bonjour” and the conversation that ensued lasted for at least 45 minutes.  As is often the case, when they discovered what we “do for a living”, questions followed.  Thankfully, they already had a positive reference point for the Gospel; a friend in Québec with whom they had already discussed on occasion.  God gave us a wonderful opportunity to share about the Lord.  The husband’s parting words were, “if we only had more time, I’d ask you more questions.”  French in Montana?  You bet!  Thank you so much for praying for our deputation travels!  Please pray for this couple and their continued contact with the Gospel through their friend in Québec.