The House is on the Market!

Only a few minutes after the sign went up we received an email from the folks in Rouen informing us of their unanimous vote to send us House on the Market!an “official” invitation.  This document is necessary for our application for visas, a process which we have already begun.  Recently it has taken an average of 85 days to sell a house like ours in the Quebec City area.

After over two years of a nomadic life, we have a lot of health related appointments to catch up with: Dentist, Doctor, optometrist, ophthalmologist, etc. All must be done before we leave… Our days and weeks are full, but by God’s grace, we manage to squeeze in a few moments with the grandkids. What a joy! What health for the soul! (Pr. 17:22).

Another recent email from France included the following:  “We are anxious to see you again and to be encouraged by your faithfulness, love, and patience in Jesus Christ.” Do continue to pray that we can get to France as soon as possible.