Please pray for health, strength, and wisdom

God answered prayer for Mike’s mother who went to be with the Lord peacefully on March 3rd.  However, over a month’s worth of traveling back and forth to the hospice, coupled with a two month’s ride on the emotional roller coaster did take its toll.  Mike experienced the first (and hopefully the last) gout attack of his life just as we were preparing to leave North Carolina.  Melanie had to literally pack the car by herself but Mike had to drive.  Our travels had prevented Melanie from procuring the yearly form required by the government for epileptic drivers, so her license had been temporarily suspended.   We had an appointment with her neurologist in Montréal on March 17 that would remedy the situation so we had to get back to Québec!  Mike hobbled through a meeting in Pennsylvania on March 15 and God gave much grace!  But the foot got worse as he drove the rest of the way to Québec City.  After over two weeks of limited mobility, he is finally doing much better.  Oh, and Melanie got her driver’s license back! 🙂