Update on Mike’s Mother

On February 1, we made a quick trip back to North Carolina from Québec City believing that Mike’s mother may be going to be with the Lord very soon.  The family has been up and down the emotional roller coaster with her condition going to and from critical over the past month.  There is much that she has been battling physically but the main issue right now is congestive heart failure.  God is answering prayer for her peace and comfort and we praise Him for that!  She has expressed on numerous occasions her readiness to meet the Lord!

As of this writing, mom is receiving palliative care at Hospice of Rockingham County.  Her condition seems to be steadily declining but she is still relatively lucid. The number of visitors that she has received has been astounding and there is no way to express the blessing that this has been to her and to the whole family.  Melanie stays with her during the day while I go in and out and help dad.

Last week, the Lord led us to delay our departure for the three-week multi-church conference in Idaho.  As time passes, it is beginning to look as though we may have to cancel altogether.  Would you pray with us about this?  Perhaps we will be able to reschedule with these churches for the fall.  Our next meetings are in North Carolina and begin March 1st.